Facebook Marketing Tips

Marketing on Facebook is something many people would love to do, but most people feel it is too difficult or time consuming. That’s not the case. Marketing on Facebook is actually a very simple process if you understand the
intricacies of doing it right. Here are some tips you can use to market effectively on Facebook:

1.Use Facebook for its intended purpose.

Facebook was created as a social network. Many marketers forget this point, and they use the site to post link after link. Not only does this tend to make people tune you out, it could also eventually lead to your account being banned. Use the site to socialize, and drop links only occasionally. This will result in more people paying attention to what you have to say, leting you get a higher sales rate whenever you do post a monetized link.

2. Be useful.

People don’t want to be friends with someone who only takes and never gives. They don’t want to do it in real life, and they don’t want to do it online. Be sure you’re giving people value, and  that  you’re  offering them much more than you’re taking.

3. Make use of fan pages.

On a fan page, you have much more leeway to perform marketing functions. Set up a fan page for your business. Attract people to join your fan page with giveaways, freebies, discounts, etc.
4. Get your Facebook friends on your email list as soon as possible.

This will allow you the most leeway to market any way you want without having to worry about being banned by Facebook.

5. Don’t forget to fill out your profile.

If you don’t add a photo and you don’t fill out your profile thoroughly, you may find that many people will
refuse to be your friend. People will automatically assume you are a spammer if your profile is incomplete.

6. Never do “drive by linking”.

This is when you make a post with no purpose other than posting a link to a sales page or an affiliate link. Instead,
link to a blog post with a review, a video, or some other valuable content. You can post your link  here.  This will make your friends happy,  and will also make Facebook happy.

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