Facebook New Newsfeed

Can you keep up with all the changes with social media? Once again Facebook is trying redesign the  jumble of monotonous musings and random photos. Previous tweaks to the News Feed have triggered howls of protest among Facebook’s users. Hoping to minimize the grousing this time around, Facebook intends to roll out the changes in phases. It will probably be six months to a year before everyone who accesses Facebook on a personal computer sees the revamped News Feed, the company said.

Facebook Inc. CEO Mark Zuckerberg hopes the makeover turns the News Feed into something like a newspaper tailored to fit the particular interests of each user on every visit to the website. With that in mind, the pictures and videos posted in the News Feed will be more prominently displayed, and Facebook’s users will get more control to dictate the kinds of material they want to see.

What about advertising changes on Facebook?  The average Facebook user could simply ignore ads by sticking to their “Friends-only feed,” effectively muting the brands they’ve already chosen to follow. A business could still choose to advertise there, but it then runs the risk of interrupting what will probably be perceived as a safe, ad-free space. No self-respecting brand wants that. And there’s a a strong possibility that a large swath of users will spend most of their time hanging out behind the velvet rope of the Friends-only feed.

Interested? Get on the waiting list here. Facebook said roll out starts today. If you get it, let us know what you think.