Photoshop App

There is a lot of buzz about Photoshop App on Google Play. The extremely popular image editor, Adobe Photoshop, has finally making its way from tablets to good old fashioned pocket sized phones, any Android user can now use one of the most popular and famous image editing tools around.

Now you can transform your images with core Photoshop features on your mobile device – combine images, apply professional effects, and share results with friends and family through Facebook and Twitter.  It’s understandably a bit more limited than even the tablet version, let alone the full computer version, but the things you can pull off with this app and the awesome images you can create are still pretty incredibly


It was designed with touch interface in mind, and isn’t just a blatant port of the computer app. What’s really cool is that you can start a project on your phone and finish it on your tablet or back in Photoshop  at your desk using a free membership to Adobe Creative Cloud. Your projects are automatically synced between your devices.

You can also take advantage of your device’s camera to fill an area on a layer with the unique Camera Fill feature. Photoshop features for this app are great, but sometime you smart phone may not handle it very well with occasional crashes and slow speed. At the end this is definitely a great app for professional photographers and artists alike.